Paphos Airport


large scale illustration for Paphos Airport

Illustrations for the baggage-reclaim-hall at the airport of Paphos (CY). Two large illustrations were designed. They measure 68x4m and 5,5x4m and are printed on lenticular lence panels in order to give the illusion of depth and animation. The illustration for this project was assigned to us by Socratis Socratous who also was responsible for the general concept and overall feeling (you can check his website for more photos of the installation). Alltogether we designed around 120 elements and 35 of them had animated frames. The whole illustration can be seen here.

the middle part of the illustration, depicting the black stone of Paphos

the illustration in general, presents the fauna and flora of Cyprus

a donkey, a sparrow, poppies, snakes etc

pomegranate granes, flowers and thornes

part of ancient statuette, swans and butterflies (among other things)

creatures of the sea, crystals and Roman jewelry

the smaller illustration

a view of almost all the main illustration (photo © Socratis Socratous)

partial view of the main illustration (photo © Socratis Socratous)

photo of the smaller illustration (photo © Socratis Socratous)

frames of the hoopoe’s flight